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Collectors stuff, photos and reports around the Pace Car. Some of the items, which are listed below, are hard to get and very expensive. I'm still looking for the 1983 Pontiac calender ( see below ) which will complete my collection. If anyone is willing to sell me his copy or has a hint where I can find one, drop me a line at


Original instructionform for the decals


Seat cleaning kit that was mailed to PaceCar owners with the 2 page letter included in the kit.



Original Orderform for the 1983 Pace Car.


Report from Hot Rod magazine in June 1983.



Report from popular Rodding magazine in August 1983. This car also had a single fold down rear seat.



Report from HPP in December 1982. The wing and the mirrors on this prototype where also painted in dark grey.



Report from Sportscars Graphic magazine in August 1983



Report from Hot Road magazine in May 1982



Report from High Performance magazine in January 2005



Official pressrelease



Official pressphoto


1983 Pontiac calender ( read the story on picture 3 and you'll understand why this calender is so rare and hard to get ).



1983 Pontiac Poster


L.A. Advertising from 1983


Pace Car Advertising


Tickets for both of the Daytona Racings in February 1983



Sticker and Patch from the Race



Pace Car Model 1/16 by Ertl


Daytona Poster with the racing results printed on the back.


Postcard with 3 Pace Cars in front


1983 Daytona program


1984 Daytona program


Daytona 500 jacket



1983 Pontiac promo folder


One of the worst movies ever, but the main character is driving a Pace Car throughout the movie.



Actionmovie with Kevin Coster. There is a scene in the film, where you can see an 83er Pace Car. Contrary to "Alphabet City" ( see below ) is this film highly recommendable for everybody, because of the great story.



Some other stuff